Kongres v Dublinu se koná!

Dear Councillors,

I hope this email finds you well.

We  are  delighted  to  announce  that  the  registration  for our upcoming
Congress  in  Dublin  on  27-30  April  2022  is  now open! Please find the
registration  link here and a banner for your website or next newsletter to
your society members attached. Don’t forget to share this with your members
soon  to highlight the first opportunity in over 2,5 years for the European
Pain Community to finally meet in-person again.

For  more  information  on  the  programme,  please  find  here the Plenary
Sessions   including  interviews  with  selected  speakers  on  their  most
important topics in pain management and pain research today.

Finally,  please  do  let  us  know  if  you  have any events (in-person or
virtual) between now and the end of April 2022. It would be our pleasure to
promote  it  on  our  website  and  social  media,  as  well as to send you
promotional material related to the Congress, both printed or digital.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

Best regards and many thanks,

Ángela Cano Palomares
Advocacy and Projects Assistant

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